Why software development will always be in demand

Why software development will always be in demand

Software development is an area that has always been and will always be in demand, despite the fluctuations of the IT market in recent years and the introduction of various new emerging technologies.

In this article we’ll find out what stage the software industry is going through and how it will affect developers.

What is Software development?

Software development (software developer) is the activity associated with the creation of new software. The development and creation of large software is also a popular engineering discipline. It is responsible not only for the creation, but also for the support and further operation of software development products.

Major trends in the world of software development

Artificial Intelligence. In 2022, analysts predict new ways to incorporate artificial intelligence into business application development. To date, the main players in the industry are Google and Facebook. Developed by the popular Google aggregator, TensorFlow is one of the most sought-after deep learning libraries. But it has a very strong and no less popular competitor – the PyTorch library from Facebook.

The popularity of Python will continue to grow. Python is confidently conquering the planet. TIOBE – a kind of programming language ranking program and service – gave Python a score and a place #2 in the popularity ranking, right after C. Python programming language received not only an honorable place in the rating, but also a high score according to the GitHub community summary report for 2020: this programming language even moved Java and took a respectable second place on the portal (data were collected considering the popularity).

All roads lead to the Cloud. Even security companies (including the Pentagon), government agencies, healthcare, banking and insurance are moving to the Cloud for storage and computing.

Software Architecture: Microservices will become mainstream. In terms of the software architecture paradigm, Google Trends shows that the trend toward microservices architecture continues.

One of the overriding reasons in the launch and development of microservices architecture is that it is the ideal solution for performing rapid cloud-based software development. However, as mentioned earlier, it is not easy to use this type of architecture in many cases. Therefore, monolithic architecture is not going anywhere.

The number of VR-enabled devices and projects will grow. The Venture Beat blog predicts that AR, VR and MR hardware will soon improve with the advent of smaller, higher resolution displays.

New chipsets for the devices will appear. Gadgets will increasingly be produced with available connectivity to Wi-Fi-6 routers. This will improve the speed of data transfer. Getting the necessary information, its input and further management will become more and more clear and intuitive with each year.

What awaits programmers?

For programmers, the development of advanced technology provides an opportunity to develop and learn higher-level tasks, rather than depriving them of work. So, since the creation of the automobile, life has simplified not only for people, but also for horses. If you look at the example from this point of view, not in 10 years, but in a year or two specialists with a limited set of basic skills will lose their jobs. The digital world does not forgive inertia, especially for programmers, who are the initiators of the fourth industrial revolution.