The best games for Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift S virtual reality helmets are a godsend for gamers, because this equipment provides the highest quality picture, impeccable sound and absolute immersion into the incredible, enchanting, exciting world of new sensations. Oculus’s own ecosystem store offers more than 900 games worth playing - tours, races, simulators, rides, adventures, and puzzles among them. All in all, entertainment for all tastes.

Fancy Skiing VR

Fancy Skiing VR - Skiing simulation in snow-covered mountains Dreaming of going to a ski resort, but can’t afford the trip yet? Try your hand at the cool simulator Fancy Skiing VR, which takes us to the snow-white slopes of the mountains. This game features:

  • dizzying descents at incredible speeds;
  • overcoming dynamic obstacles;
  • conquering huge canyons;
  • deer hunting - spectacular and thrilling;
  • dangerous rockfalls and mesmerizing races among spruces.

Enjoy the speed, the graphics, the sound of wind in your ears - the simulator will help train your vestibular apparatus. You can play standing or sitting.

Battlewake VR

Battlewake VR - immerse yourself in a world of sea battles, magic and racing To feel like a real ship captain is easy - try on the skin of Jack Sparrow is quite real in the game Battlewake VR.

The creators have prepared for players:

  • 3 action game modes for any number of users;
  • an infinite number of goals to achieve;
  • unique abilities to win battles;
  • 13 fantastic ship-based implements;
  • earnings of gold - it can be exchanged for the improvement of the ship.

The developers have well thought out the system of interaction within the game - the feeling of sea combat is 100% transferred, the picture does not cause a fit of nausea even with a long stay in the helmet.

Elven Assassin VR

Elven Assassin VR - become an orc assassin and a master of archery Epic battles of elves with hordes of orcs and exciting archery - the main components of the game Elven Assassin VR. The creators of the program invite you to enjoy the cool graphics and also:

  • connect your friends to plunge into virtual reality together;
  • defend the city from the hordes of orcs - be careful, they run very fast;
  • compete with other players, taking leading positions in the table;
  • cope with the invasion of orcs alone - try to keep alive as long as possible.

The game has a fairly simple and straightforward interface - good for even those who are just conquering the world of virtual reality, wants to find a simple activity for the first acquaintance with VR.

Richie’s Plank Experience

Richie’s Plank Experience - beat the fear of heights in a virtual reality world It’s normal to be afraid of dizzying heights - not everyone dares to climb to the roof of a skyscraper or walk along a steep cliff among rocks in person. But Richie’s Plank Experience lets you do it without fear - users have 4 modes available:

  • fire deck - fly over the city and put out fires with a hose and special water rockets;
  • sky painter - paint the sky with bright colors and create real pictures;
  • nightmare mode - scary board trip over the abyss with cool visuals;
  • Santa simulator - deliver Christmas gifts to kids by dropping them into stovepipes.

Pleasant and exciting game does not require much skill and experience - enjoy every moment. The program is simple, easy to operate.

Dirt Rally

Dirt Rally is the best-selling rally game in the world of virtual races and is perfect for those who love fast cars, dream of high speeds and racing cars but can’t afford it in life. In this game it is possible to realize the most daring fantasies - the creators offer:

  • an atmospheric visual range;
  • dynamic special effects;
  • realistic sound of tires;
  • hundreds of sharp turns;
  • fanciful curves of the track.

Stylish dark design adds gloom to the game - the authors tried to create a cool release, which will be appreciated by every racer, regardless of age.

The Unspoken

The Unspoken - epic walker with cool graphics The Unspoken game’s release was awaited with undisguised skepticism - it was totally unclear how the online player works on the VR helmet platform. However, the fears were not justified - the developers offered decent graphics and an intense storyline. The player must immerse himself in the body of Chuck Taylor - the character wanders the streets of the city, collects artifacts, improves the equipment and survives in battles. Pros include well-drawn details and full immersion in reality with epic plot twists.