Alkami Technology IPO. Digital banking solutions

Alkami Technology, a U.S.-based technology company providing cloud-based digital banking solutions. The company offers its customers an online platform to facilitate the customization, interaction and maintenance of corporate and individual accounts.

Alkami helps local and regional financial institutions successfully compete with large, technologically advanced banks in the United States. Alkami’s digital platform enables financial institutions to attract new customers, increase transaction processing speeds and significantly improve operational efficiency while supporting a cloud-based multi-tenant architecture.

The key competitive differentiators of the Alkami platform are:

  • active user interaction - financial companies gain the ability to contact their customers directly via online chats, smartphones and SMS messages;
  • integration - increasing scalability and extensibility of business through real-time integrations with back-office systems and third-party fintech solutions, including payment cards, mortgages, bill payments, electronic documents, cash flow, personal financial management and account opening;
  • deep data analysis capability - all information is synchronized and used for analytics and other business monetization products;
  • complete security of all operations - the platform uses biometric and multifactor authentication combined with machine learning technologies;
  • simple, functional and intuitive user interface.

As of Dec. 31, 2020, Alkami Technology customers were using an average of nine of the 26 products the company offers. According to S&P news agency data, as of Dec. 31, 2020, 151 financial companies from Alkami Platform’s customer base had more than $222 billion in assets on their balance sheets, an increase of $63 billion from 2019. Alkami Technology’s revenue comes almost entirely from multi-year contracts, with an average life of 77 months.